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Daylight Points are earned through engagement and interaction with the app, connecting energy devices, and referring others to join. You can redeem points for exclusive rewards, cashback, and accelerated energy purchase payouts to enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

You can earn Daylight Points through daily check-ins, connecting energy devices to your account, maintaining device connection streaks, and making successful referrals.

Yes, you can redeem Daylight Points in the rewards store for Daylight swag, energy devices, sustainable brands, and other eco-friendly products.

By accumulating Daylight Points, you can purchase reward tiers for accelerated vesting of cash rewards from your energy purchases. Each tier upgrade lasts for 1 year before sunsetting, and tier purchase prices are stackable.

You earn weekly points for connecting energy devices, such as shadow meters, smart thermostats, solar inverters, EV chargers, and batteries. The points vary depending on the device type and the duration of the connection.

You earn 100 points for an Energy Monitor referral, 1,250 points for a Solar referral, and 750 points for an Electrified Asset referral.

Cash Rewards are distributed for energy purchases through Daylight, such as solar sales, battery sales, shadow meter sales, and retail brokerage. If you refer others to Daylight that make a purchase through our platform, you will also be eligible for cash rewards.

Cash reward amount depends on the size of the system. As a general rule, solar cashback typically amounts to ~$0.30/watt.

Reward tiers determine the vesting period of your cash rewards from energy purchases. Higher tiers allow for faster vesting and payouts.
The reward tiers are:

1. Watt Tier (0 points): 4 year quarterly cash reward vesting

2. Kilowatt Tier (1,500 points): 3 year quarterly cash reward vesting

3. Megawatt Tier (5,000 points): 2 year quarterly cash reward vesting

4. Gigawatt Tier (10,000 points): 1 year quarterly cash reward vesting

5. Terrawatt Tier (15,000 points): Immediate cash reward vesting

Daylight Points are currently not transferable between users.

As long as you remain an active user, your Daylight Points will not expire.

You can view your Daylight Points balance within the Daylight app’s reward section.

Daylight Points are typically not taxable. Cashback rewards for purchases made by you are typically not taxable. However, cash rewards earned for referrals are treated as taxable income.

If the dollar value of taxable rewards is $600 or greater in a single calendar year, Daylight will issue you a 1099-MISC reflecting the amount of taxable income. This information will also be reported to the IRS.

It’s best to consult a tax professional to understand the tax implications of rewards programs in your jurisdiction.

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