Heat Pump
Water Heater

Highly efficient hot water heating.

Heat Pump
Water Heater

Highly efficient hot water heating.
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Heat your home’s water more efficiently

Water heating accounts for around 18% of the average home’s energy use. Switching to an energy-efficient heat pump water heater can make a difference on your utility bill and is an essential step in lowering the carbon footprint of your home.

Reasons to upgrade to a heat pump water heater

Save money over time

Heat pump water heaters use less energy than a conventional water heater which may lower your energy bills and save you money over time. Heat pumps also allow you to preheat water during times of the day when power is cheaper and store the hot water for use during peak times when costs are higher.

Longer lasting

Heat pump water heaters have a lifespan of around 13-15 years, while conventional versions typically need to be replaced every 8-12 years.

Reduced emissions

Heat pump water heaters don’t rely on fossil fuels. Switching from gas to electric heat pump versions could reduce California’s emissions from water heating up to 77%.


Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives

Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives

The Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit

A federal tax credit for 30% of the total cost of the heat pump water heater and installation, up to a $2,000 cap.

State and local incentives may also be available.

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