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Solar Energy

Clean energy from the sun.
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Solar energy is now the cheapest electricity in history. As it decreases your reliability on the grid, it protects you against rising utility rates and is often less expensive than your current electricity per kilowatt-hour.img

Why solar?


Solar energy allows you to become your own energy producer. You have full control over the power your home generates and uses, eliminating your dependence on traditional utility companies. No more worrying about unexpected price hikes or disruptions in service.

Savings & Stability

Solar offers considerable savings on your energy costs. Instead of a variable bill, solar is a fixed, stable monthly payment (if financed). Once your system is paid off, your energy produced is free. In most areas, you can even sell any excess power your system generates back to the grid, reducing costs further.

Home Value

Studies have consistently shown that homes with solar energy systems are viewed as more desirable, leading to higher resale values. On average, solar systems add an immediate 4% increase in the value of a home. Solar panels can be a significant selling point, making your property stand out in the market.


Solar Incentives

Solar Incentives

Federal Investment Tax Credit

  • 30% of the total cost of the project (equipment and installation)

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) (Location-specific)

  • These SRECs are purchased by entities with clean-energy commitments
  • 1 SREC is created per 1,000 kWh generated by your solar system

Net metering (Location-specific)

  • Utility program to compensate homeowners for the excess solar energy their system produces
  • Typically allows the homeowner to offset the cost of any energy they import from the grid at nighttime

Work with Daylight.
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We cut out the unnecessary salesmen and steps to make energy upgrades simple and stress-free.

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