Sealing your home to reduce energy waste.


Sealing your home to reduce energy waste.
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Prepare your home for the heat and the cold

Weatherization, or weatherproofing, shields a home's interior from elements like cold air in winter and hot, humid air in summer. Weatherization can significantly improve the comfort of your home if you experience temperature differences across rooms or drafty areas. It also can improve the efficiency of your home by reducing energy waste.

Why weatherize?

Increased comfort

90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated and improperly sealed. The average home has enough air leakage to add up to a two-foot-square hole. That's like leaving a window wide open all day!
Keep your home comfortable year round by fixing common insulation issues.

Reduce Energy Waste

Under-insulation and air leaks in doors and windows are common sources of energy waste. These can add up to 10% or more in wasted energy bills! Sealing your home improves efficiency and reduces this energy waste.

Healthier Home

Weatherizing your home helps improve can improve humidity levels by eliminating leaks to outside air. Controlling humidity levels reduces the chances of mold or mildew issues.


Weatherization Incentives

Weatherization Incentives

The Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit

A federal tax credit for 30% of the total cost of weatherization, up to a $1,200 cap.

  • $500 total allowed for doors
  • Must be primary residence.
  • $600 total allowed for windows

State and local incentives may also be available.


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We cut out the unnecessary salesmen and steps to make energy upgrades simple and stress-free.

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