July 06, 2023

Why Going Solar Won’t Eliminate Your Utility Bills – But Can Still Save You Money

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Many people choose to install solar panels on their homes

With the aim of reducing or eliminating their electric bills. However, even with solar panels, homeowners will still receive a monthly electric bill. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why you’ll continue to have utility bills after going solar and how you can still save money on your overall energy costs.

Main Reasons for Continued Utility Bills with Solar Panels:

1. Limited Solar Power Production: Solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity. As a result, they cannot produce energy during nighttime. Homes connected to the grid can draw electricity when solar panels are not producing enough, but this usage will still incur charges on the electricity bill.

2. Utility Service Charges: Homes connected to the grid receive various utility service charges, such as customer service, distribution, and transmission charges. These fees are billed regardless of solar panel usage and contribute to the monthly electric bill.

3. Solar Battery Storage Constraints: Solar battery storage can save excess energy generated during the day for use at night. However, adequate battery storage to power a home for extended periods can be costly. Without sufficient storage, homeowners will have to draw electricity from the grid, resulting in charges on their bill.

4. Absence of Net Metering: Net metering programs allow homeowners to earn credit for excess solar-generated electricity sent back to the grid. In the absence of such a program, homeowners will have to pay for the electricity they draw from the grid without any credits to offset the cost.

Factors Affecting the Size of Your Monthly Electric Bill with Solar Panels:
  • Utility company fees
  • Solar offset
  • Local weather conditions and seasonality
  • Home’s power usage
  • Solar system efficiency
How to Lower Your Electric Bill with Solar Panels:
  • Reduce energy usage through energy-efficient practices and devices
  • Install solar battery storage to utilize excess solar-generated electricity
  • Enroll in a net metering program to earn credits for excess electricity sent to the grid

While it’s unlikely that homeowners can completely eliminate their electric bills by going solar, they can still save money on overall energy costs. By reducing energy usage, investing in solar battery storage, and participating in net metering programs, homeowners can lower their monthly utility bills and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

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