What are Daylight Points?

Daylight Points are earned through engagement and interaction with the app, connecting energy devices, and referring others to join. You can redeem points for exclusive rewards, cashback, and accelerated energy purchase payouts to enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

How can I earn Daylight Points?

You can earn Daylight Points through daily check-ins, connecting energy devices to your account, maintaining device connection streaks, and making successful referrals.

How do Daylight Points help me unlock reward tiers?

By accumulating Daylight Points, you can purchase reward tiers for accelerated vesting of cash rewards from your energy purchases. Each tier upgrade lasts for 1 year before sunsetting, and tier purchase prices are stackable.

How do I earn points from device connections?

You earn weekly points for connecting energy devices, such as shadow meters, smart thermostats, solar inverters, EV chargers, and batteries. The points vary depending on the device type and the duration of the connection.

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